Colorful Information

33 1/3 rpm Stereo 12" E.P.
Label: Music for Humans
Catalog Number: MFH012
Release Date: December 1986
Mastered by: World Records
Pressed by: World Records
The Band:
Toby ButlerVoices
Dennis (Duffa) ManoniBass
James ButlerGuitars
Thayer PhippsDrums

Liner Notes:
Produced by Cairo Stand
Recorded at Soundesign Recording StudioBrattleboro, VermontSeptember 1986
Engineered by Billy ShawMixed by J.Butler/T.Butler/T.Phipps/Billy Shaw
Backward EBow on 'Gone' Prelude by Tucker Stilley
Bass on 'Gone' Prelude by Frank Truncale in Boston
Hand Lettering by William SuttenfieldCover Design by James Butler

Extra Special Thanks to Rich Coleman, Russ Butler, Billy Shaw, Andrea,
Heather, and the Null SetThe Babe (Duffa) appears courtesy of H.O.T.Fingers


Side 1:
Little Japan T.Butler 3.56
Shy of the Modern Lover T.Butler/J.Butler 4.20
Secret Thing T.Butler 3.43

Side 2:
Gone J.Butler 4.59
Brown on Brown J.Butler 5.09
I'm Happy She's Happy T.Butler/J.Butler 4.59

"Cairo Stand's 'Colorful Information' is as interesting and as colorful as their name. This first effort as an Independent Publishing Company and Rock Band is filled with Pop, Art, Rock, textures, melodic production, and inspired Human Culture. With each listening I find myself more attached to the independence shown in their style, and in the dexterity of melody and lyric. I am very much looking forward to their next album...hopefully very soon. 'Colorful Information' and this band, Cairo Stand, will go far because they write and play from their hearts. Good Luck!
All my support..." - Kirb Castor

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