Too Much For You

33 1/3 rpm Stereo 12" L.P.
Label: Music for Humans
Catalog Number: MFH016
Release Date: February 1988
Mastered by: Rainbo Records
Pressed by: Rainbo Records
The Band:
Toby ButlerVoices
Pete PineaultBass
James ButlerGuitars
Dann DoremusDrums

Liner Notes:
Produced by T.Butler/J.Butler/Cairo Stand
Engineered by Billy ShawMixed by Billy Shaw with Cairo Stand
Recorded and Mixed at Soundesign Recording StudioBrattleboro, VermontSeptember 1987-January 1988
Cover Design by James Butler
Guitar Synth Programming and Assist by Mark Harris
'Selfish' Voices by Cloud Butane/Stephanie Record'Dogs' Dumbec by Kashata
Handlettering by Vivian P. Johnson/Rena Bailey Butler
Special Thanks to Russ Butler, George Gardos, and Will Suttenfield.


Side 1:
Bonfire T.Butler/J.Butler 1.44
Johanna J.Butler 3.10
Scatterbrains at Large J.Butler 2.53
Footsteps J.Butler/Cairo Stand 4.23
Tabula Rasa T.Butler-J.Butler/Cairo Stand 4.10

Side 2:
The Loom T.Butler 4.47
Selfish T.Butler 2.59
Dog on Chain T.Butler/T.Butler-J.Butler 3.20
Sampson T.Butler/J.Butler 2.28
Jackhammer T.Butler/J.Butler 1.55

"Cairo Stand has done it, again! With the release of their second album, 'Too Much For You,' published by independent Music for Humans, Cairo Stand remains true in titling their record appropriately. Combining inspirational songwriting and soulful performances, Cairo Stand's style is unique, and magnetic. Each cut has a life of its own. The recording and production of this album are definitely more advanced than the first release, as is the entire album package. The artwork and presentation are quite impressive in talent and workmanship. It's refreshing to see a band grow in so many ways; to continue to create excellent music products, and to affect their fans with their words and melodies in every category of human emotion. Cairo Stand has a lot of hits and classics working on their side. I hope they distribute this in a major market - Everyone should feel the music of Cairo Stand! I'm excited to see and hear their next project...they're killer live, too!
Don't stop yet!" - Kirb Castor

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