Toby Butler vocals

As Vocalist and Songwriter for Cairo Stand with his brother James, Toby has published two albums and a single independently. His pre-Cairo Stand days include performing and recording with a number of regional bands in the New England market. Toby is responsible for setting up the annual Music for Humans/Ritz-Carlton Huntington Toys for Tots benefit show, featuring the Cobalt Blues Band, now in its fourth year. With James and their companion Jackson, Toby pulled off a three-week "highways and byways" tour of the United States in 1994 that included over 30 performances at rest stops, street corners, famous landmarks, and the like, and a fabulous sold-out show at a favorite venue in New Hampshire. Toby was the main 'voice' during the live on-air performance at WFRD-FM in Hanover, New Hampshire on that same tour.

His focus on human-oriented songwriting and expressive performance experiences also allow Toby to be of great benefit to younger musicians who are searching for a path.