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First things first...If you haven't downloaded lately
v2.0 is out of beta (it's done) and it's the very best browser available.
Our sites are designed with Netscape Navigator in mind!


For viewing Virtual Worlds, we recommend WebFX, from Paper Inc.
This is a Navigator 2.0 Plug-In that will install itself. You may need to configure your MIME-type in the 'Preferences' section.
Once properly installed, you will be able to browse through any of the Virtual Worlds on the Internet that are written in VRML code.
Truly the best Plug-In for a dazzling VR experience!


The audio files that will soon be available from Cairo Stand will be in various formats. However, in order for you to experience to cool, unexpected audio events that we are cooking up for our websites, you will need to download and install RealAudio, from Progressive Networks.
This program also behaves as a Navigator 2.0 Plug-In, and comes with complete documentation.
Currently, we are only capable of using the 16-bit RA144, but there is a new RA288 for 32-bit systems that we'll be using as soon as we get 32-bitten!
Transparent web audio pleasures await you if you install this Plug-In!

Shockwave for Director

SHOCKWAVE for Director is a Navigator 2.0 Plug-In that will enable you to view 'embedded' Macromedia Director presentation files while you browse. This means that animation, soundtracks, video, and all of the other Director goodies can be part of your online experience!
Netscape recommends setting your Netscape cache size to 5k or more while using this Plug-In (in other words...all the time)
Get Shocked!

We will be adding tools to this list as fast as we can, in order to compliment your web browsing experience. Please let us know if there's something out there that we will want to use, including chat, multimedia, and other programs.

Music for Humans

Last updated: 2-19-96