whut now

45 rpm Stereo 7" Single
Label: StoneDuck Records/Music for Humans
Catalog Number: MFH013
Release Date: June 1987
Mastered by: Masterfonics
Pressed by: Sound Impressions
The Band:
Toby ButlerVoices
Pete PineaultBass
James ButlerGuitars
Thayer PhippsDrums

Liner Notes:
Produced by Cairo Stand
Engineered by Tobee PhippsMixed by J.Butler/T.Butler/P.Pineault/Billy Shaw
'Blood' Recorded at Baker Street StudiosWatertown, MassachusettsJanuary 1987
'Footsteps' Recorded with Bruce Simpson at High Bridge StudiosNew Ipswich, New Hampshire
Project Mixed at Soundesign Recording StudioBrattleboro, VermontApril 1987
Cover Art by James Butler
Special Thanks to Bruce Simpson and Bill Shaw.


Side 1:
Footsteps J.Butler/Cairo Stand
Side 2:
Blood On The Arrow Of Love T.Butler/J.Butler

"What's this?" I thought as I looked at the upscaled little single package. "Nice Art!" It's 'whut now,' the new single from Cairo Stand and Music for Humans (independent Publishing Company). Side 1, 'Footsteps,' is quite well produced...great grooves and motion...melodic, visual...powerful. Then, when I flipped the single over, I thought, "Whut now?" and I launched into the crazy, eclectic funk jungle of 'Blood On The Arrow Of Love.' Strange, jazzy, aggressive...it's almost like a different band! Cairo Stand's style is their style, and this effort by the group has plenty of it.
My only question is...whut's next?" - Kirb Castor

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