Music for Humans has been connected to many songwriters and bands, over the years. Some we have done things with, and others we have simply been close to. What follows is a list of some of those musicians and artists in no particular order with varying degrees of completeness. We are often getting the recordings from old cassettes and similar lo-fi sources, so try not to get too crazy about the audio fidelity. Bon appetit!

Cairo Stand Cairo Stand was a band out of New Hampshire that migrated to Los Angeles in the early 1990s. They recorded and release 2 albums and a single on the MFH label. In addition to the songs contained on those records, their section includes dozens of unreleased songs, live versions and just plain noodling that is both charming and interesting.

Toby and James Butler, the humans behind Music for Humans, are Cairo Stand's leaders and primary songwriters. They have tried to label the music they create in many ways, over the years, but they always come back to "Rock". Sure, it's complex. Sure it's soulful. Sure it's a little offbeat. But it ROCKS. See for yourself ... many of Cairo Stand's songs are available for free download from their website.

Here's the Cairo Stand section.

Satnam S. Ramgotra Satnam S. Ramgotra is a world class tabla player, kit drummer and percussionist. He's also James and Toby's official "little brother".

Satnam has performed on some of the top charting albums released over the past decade, and continues to tour and record with world-famous artists.

Satnam teams up with multi-instrumentalist Rodney Lee in their funk/jazz/world music duo, Alien Chatter.

Here's the Satnam Ramgotra section.

Wowsville Music Wowsville Music are our good friends Ron Rennells and Kathy Frasca and their band, Dead Ringer.

Featuring Kathy's luscious vocals and Ron's inspiring arrangements: "DEAD RINGER has been a fixture on the L.A. Lounge scene, playing to packed houses throughout southern California since 1995. Serving up a superlative platter of delicious vintage sounds, this offbeat quartet have been wowing the Hollywood lounge scene and beyond with their sexy, sassy versions of classic 30's through 60's popular jazz standards."

We haven't had anything to do with Kathy and Ron's success, except that we have thrown lots of love their way, as should all of you!


H.O.T. Fingers H.O.T. Fingers was a blues-based band from New Hampshire in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Featuring the songwriting, blistering guitar work and winsome vocals of Lynn Rowe, down and dirty bass playing of Duffa Manoni and funky drum work from Patrick Aicholz, H.O.T. Fingers established themselves as one of the top draws in the New England club circuit.
From a 1987 demo tape:

Vacation (10.4MB MP3)
Christine Jones (7.7MB MP3)
I Know Rich Girls Get The Blues (7.3MB MP3)

Lynn Rowe was also featured on the Music for Humans 1987 compilation "Get Me The Rings". On these two recordings, Lynn worked with his friend Kevin McCluskey to perform songs written by Lynn. In true Berklee College of Music fashion, the results are smooth, funky performances with some superior playing.
You're The One (6.9MB MP3)
Big Time (Over The Top) (7.4MB MP3)
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