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James Butler's Résumé
James Butler's Résumé
From prepress print publishing through multimedia in the digital age, James has done it all, with emphasis on web programming technologies and a healthy dose of project management and team leadership skills.

Codus Interruptus™
Codus Interruptus™
What happens when projects are terminated before they are finished? They go to Codus Interruptus™ ... where old code goes to live! Explore a few cool projects that should have seen the light of day, but didn't, for one reason or another. (Send me an email to get login credentials.)

ThinkTinker Logo
ThinkTinker™ is a forum for exploring thoughts and ideas. Join in for free!

Racing Turtles Game
The Racing Turtles Game
This is a little DHTML game for one to four players.
Place your bets, start the race, and hang on to your seats!

Web EEL: Ethics, Etiquette and Law Online
James's Blog
Web EEL: Ethics, Etiquette and Law Online is my place to wax poetic on these interesting topics.
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